There are two ways we track while you drive.

  1. GPS via your smartphone
  2. Your Odometer Reading the at the beginning and end of every month.

We use these 2 methods because no one method is fool proof and both has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Both where you drive, and how much you drive, are very important for our advertising brands. GPS location allows us to understand where you drive, and the distance you drive. 

You may notice sometimes your GPS tracking is moving faster or slower than your actual mileage. Don't worry, this is expected, given that we are depending on Google and Apple's tracking services (depending on whether you own an Android or iOS device) and GPS tracking can be unreliable if the signal is bad due to weather conditions, or if you're driving under a bridge, inside a tunnel, and especially if either Google or Apple's services goes down.

Because of these reasons (and more), GPS mileage information is not accurate by itself, this is why we ask you to send us the odometer readings of your car at the beginning and end of the month.

Odometer readings help us to verify the distance you drive. 

If the GPS mileage is different from the odometer reading, how do we make payment?

When it comes to compensating you for your driving while bumping a brand, our systems looks at distance information from the GPS you provide and your odometer reading submissions.

Our system compares both information and does the math for us automatically. 

Our system has a 5% error margin. It automatically pays out based on whichever is higher.

Example: If your MyBump app's GPS mileage is 2100 km but your odometer shows only 2000 km, we'll pay you for 2100 km (because the difference is only 5%)

If the difference is higher than 5%, our system will confirm compensation after calculating the average mileage driven. Our team will get notified and we will review your mileage, and your odometer images, manually. We'll also use this information to improve our mileage tracking services for future campaigns.

Hope that helps.

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